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affordable connectivity program

bridging the digital devide in our country

  • The federal Affordable Connectivity Program ( ACP ) helps you stay connected for less.
  • Qualified customers can save upto $30/mo. off their bill, or up to $75/mo.If living on qualifying Tribal lands.
  • LTE WIRELESS will discount the cost of the monthly service to everyone who qualify for the ACP so you pay absolutely nothingfor you monthly service.
  • We will provide 1 Tablet per qualified household which allows you to connect to your WiFi at home, work or school and use our LTE data on the go.
  • If you already have a tablet from another carreir, you are urged to switch to LTE WIRELESS.
Tablet + Internet Access
Talk + Text + Data

New Customers

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If you qualify for the ACP benifit and bring your own phone that is approved for our Network or you purchase one from LTE WIRELESS